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RGBtool Read Reviews - Review It

RGBtool is a simple website with color tools for designers and programmers. You can pick colors and manage palettes. Save your palettes to use them in the future or download them for photoshop use.

Color Picker Read Reviews - Review It

Online javascript color picker features 3 random options. Displays 'named' color palette. Great for getting an idea for color combinations for your web site.

CoolColorCreator Read Reviews - Review It

This is a free online color generator for webmasters. It shows different shades of the same color, with attractive text colors over top. It also provides you with the CSS code you need to use your favorite color combinations.

COLOURlovers Read Reviews - Review It

COLOURlovers is a creative community where designers from all over the world create and share color palettes and patterns, discuss the latest creative trends and explore colorful news.

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