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I do not like Lunar Pages because I believe they have bad Tech Support, and bad billing practices. Back in October I kept getting emails every hour concerning my web site going over the normal 40 Gigs. It was the last day of the month and I had a few gigs to go so I wasn't worried but the emails kept coming. I had to add a Add On domain to my account so I called them up. Added the domain and then talked to Tech Support about adding 5 Gigs to my account in case it came close to going over in the future. I was told I could do this so I added 5 Gigs. On December 29th my web site went over the limit of 40 gigs. I wrote and asked why my web site was shut down when I had 5 Gigs that should take care of this. THEN I was told that the 5 gigs were temporary for that month and couldsn't be rolled over. I asked who in their right mind would add 5 gigs to 40 gigs when I havent officially gone over that amount on the last day of the month. Again I got the required company response that it was temporary and that they Wouldn't refund my money. I contacted the BBB. Also about a month before I was having problems with my outgoing mail and it was failing to go out thru their server. Instead of fixing the problem their tech support told me to use whatever service I conected to the internet to send out my mail. So much for them backing up their services.
Date Reviewed: 2004-12-30

Really diabolical. The cheap price is an expensive price when your business is hostage to the slack support desk with tardy and sanctimonious responses. Steer well clear of them, They will cost you way more than you save!
Date Reviewed: 2004-06-17