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I have been with Globat since 2003 and I am still hosting with them. Had no reason to transfer to another provider. I will not say, that Globat hosting provider is spotless. I had some problems with one of my 3 sites with them, I called them and the problem was solved. I also wrote e-mails to them and they answered them within several hours and once I even got an instant reply over e-mail, and was very pleased. What I love about Globat is the great amount of web space, also, I believe there are many useful features. I like the chance to use the PayPal Payments, which give me a chance to pay sitting at home. I only pay $7.50 and have 1000 MB of web server space for my sites and files and the 50 Gigs of bandwidth! I also use Flash and MYSQL, which is important for my sites. I have read a couple of bad reviews about the Globat hosting provider and I am wondering now what made the people write such things. I do not really think this is true, as I never had anything terrible like constant outages and the like. Of course there was a time when the site was not running one day, but I found out they were upgrading and that was only for my benefit. I think the server became faster. Either I am just lucky, or Globat is an OK hosting provider.
Date Reviewed: 2007-05-01

A year and half ago, they seemed ok. But, within the past year their customer service has become horrible, there is no money back even if you pre-pay, and the sites load very slow if you buy the basic package. Stay away at all costs!!
Date Reviewed: 2005-06-04

A couple of years ago the service was fine, but for the last 10 months the service is awful. Every week the email service goes down; SMTP service is always slow, and webmail works only from time to time. And they have no money back policies. They used to provide a great service, but now is totally useless. Hope they change soon. PDG 21/05/05
Date Reviewed: 2005-05-21

Globat has become slower and slower over the past year of service. I've moved 3 accounts away from their servers because the service has become so unstable. Their tech support is completely useless and offers no help, they cram all their users onto the same server and emails time-out constantly. Do not host with globat!
Date Reviewed: 2005-05-10

Overall Globat provides lots of storage and good functionality if you are willing to put up with occasional email and site outages. In the 5 months since signing up with Globat, my email has been unavailable at least 5 times for multiple days each time. Tech Support admits their network status page is updated manually and is often out of date. Many times my web site in addition to email has been unavailable for more than a day. All problems are attributed to "server issues". It seems Globat has very tempermental servers. If email or uptime is a high priority for you, do not use Globat. Also, SMTP email servers are very slow. It often takes me a minute just to send a small text-only email through their SMTP servers.
Date Reviewed: 2005-03-07

Globat, has provided me with nothing but the upmost respect and service a Great company
Date Reviewed: 2005-02-04

Great host, lots of free tools, good reliability, support needs some help (hehehe) TONS of space/Bandwidth hard to use that up :-) Globat is A+
Date Reviewed: 2005-01-14

I've been using Globat for a while now. its honestly not very dissappointing. Awesome customer support and plenty of webspace all at a very very cheap cost. The only slight problem is with their server speed:(. Recommended:) -paullmatic-
Date Reviewed: 2005-01-13

I have been a globat customer since 8 month and have been satisfied. But there are some things that I don't like, like the subdomains feature is not available unless you pay 20$/year for unlimited subdomains, and not everything is fuuly automated like cpanel,since they have their own control panel. But overall,they are very good.
Date Reviewed: 2005-01-11

I've used for more than 3 quarters of the sites I host and they are yet to cease to amaze me with their good service and great products!
Date Reviewed: 2005-01-11

Posted 04 June 2004 I have been trying to get in touch with this host for 4 days now and have not recieved a reply. I have a problem with my website which they host and they will not respond to my emails and their phone support is non existent. I really am baffled as to why a firm that APPEARS to be professional should have such a rubbish support system. If any one knows how to get through to these people please email me at [email protected] Regards Paul
Date Reviewed: 2004-06-04