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YAY! A free domain. And really short too. It's not like It's just It's free. And it's great. But no email forwarding. :( It's great for people who can't afford a .com domain.
Date Reviewed: 2005-10-01 is the best redirection service i know. No spyware/adware and no ads! what could be better that that !?!
Date Reviewed: 2005-07-25

Reliable, ad-free service. I've been using CO.NR services since 2002 and really know what's going on with them. Support is really good, forums are full of nice people and the most important - free domain service is very stable. Sites doesn't get filled with ads that most free address providers do. Redirection pages are optimized for search engines. I can say CO.NR is one of the best such service on the whole net. Gytis Repecka (aka Kelmas) admin
Date Reviewed: 2005-07-23

Co.Nr offers the webs best, and most reliable web forwarding/cloaking service. With a community thats large, and helpfull, you would be fishing to find complaints. Whats better then a forwarded domain? One with NO ads. Boasting a super short name, will have your site looking professional in NO time.
Date Reviewed: 2005-07-18

This is just about the best url redirection ever! No forced ads, it's quick and hides the url, what do you need anymore?
Date Reviewed: 2005-07-18 is a great, free URL redirection service. I would not ever use anythign other then! They really are the best, if you have your own personal site get a URL! It boosted my traffic by at least 200 people per day because of having a better name! Do it now, plus its free!! - James
Date Reviewed: 2005-07-17